Daily Revelations

1. I’m in college (!!)
2. Graduation is approaching pretty darn quickly (!?)
3. It’s a good school and I’m not failing (!!)
4. I’m an adult and I realized that everyone who has interviewed me for internships is around my age (!!!)
5. What the heck (!!?)

Sleep is bæ


'hey whats up?'

'your time talking to me' 


(via thefuuuucomics)

I feel like many people here don’t understand social cues¬†

I work way too hard for a liberal arts student

Columbia, Wake Forest, Georgetown, UF

But let’s talk about how absolutely INCREDIBLE the costumes/makeup/set design was in my 10 minute dream yesterday morning

The aesthetic was rococo Incroyable unreal

You know you have a problem when people on the West Coast stop texting you “because it’s really late”