Not even day 1 and I think I’m already overwhelmed :/

the place I want to intern with in the spring is a 13 minute walk away from my dorm

I also may have found bae

I haven’t been this open and honest with people in the longest time

And I’ve never felt more well liked/appreciated/loved

I did a #sport. And I only have 2 #bruises and 1 #cut


I am unable to accurately express my feelings about what is happening in Ferguson right now. I’m disgusted. I’m disgusted by the riot police response. I’m disgusted with the media response (or lack thereof). I’m disgusted with the disregard of and lack of respect for black bodies in this country. I’m disgusted with people who think the murder of an unarmed, college-bound black male by people in positions of power and on a government payroll is anything “new” or “unusual.” And I’m disgusted with myself for not being as up-to-date with what is going on there as I would like to be.